Elder Berry

Elder Berry

Sambucus Nigra

Elder berries were originally used in Europe. Although the berry and flowers are non-toxic, the leaves are. It is grown in North America, Europe, and other places throughout the world. The berries are usually harvested mid-August to mid-September.

Elder berries have been used to ease influenza symptoms. Many people have used infusions, tinctures, and syrups made with elder berries to bolster the immune system during the flu season.

Parts Used: Berries & Flowers

Traditionally Used For: Influenza, Immune System Support, Viruses, Colds, Acute Infection, Joints

Diaphoretic, Mild Laxative, Diuretic, Anti-rheumatic

Precautions – Do not eat raw/fresh berries as they may cause vomiting and diarrhea due to a compound called sambunigrin.

Taste – Bitter, Similar to Other Dried Berries


Neutral to Cooling

High Vitamin C

Mild Laxative

Pairs Well With