Our Infused Gift Guide 2023

What Does This Person Enjoy?

For that herbal tea lover

A bag or sampler of some of our healing and delicious herbal blend teas. We have an array of tea infuser pots, mugs, cups, and selection of infuser gadgets.

So they love their certified organic tea

We offer the best quality green, black, Oolong, White and Pu’erh loose leaf teas. We also carry Ceremonial Matcha powder.

For those Chai or Golden Milk Lovers

We have you covered with our custom blended chai. A caffeine and non-caffeine option is available for our Chai. We also offer a great option for a convenient way to make a yummy golden milk

For the one that has become obsessed with our amazing probiotic Sky Bison Beverages XUN.

Get a growler (or half growler) filled with their favorite or surprise them. Nothing better than having a non-alcoholic option available at those family gatherings. Yummy gut health boosting drinks, bubbly and full of cheer.

For that coffee lover or one that desires a healthful coffee replacement

We offer Roast House Organic Coffee and our now famous “Roasted” caffeine free delicious coffee replacement that can be made in one of our various sizes of a French press.

We also carry milk frothers and Turkish warming pots.

a cup of coffee and a french press

For that special someone who needs some effective pain relief

We have many solutions and modalities to help with pain control and relief. Including lotions, tinctures, and roll-ons.

For the Non Toxic Candle Lovers Rejoice

We have candles that offer the healthiest burn out there. Long lasting burn time. Essential Oils. Non Toxic Wax. Holiday & everyday scents. Everything from vanilla peppermint to lavender to cedar & pine. Citrus, cardamon and more! Our Cellar Door line is made locally in Seattle, WA. Family tested and approved!

For that someone who has been wanting to get into herbs

Browse through our herbal books and check out the 100’s of certified organic herbs offered in our apothecary. Our knowledgeable staff can help you locate the best herbs for you or your loved one, even if you are brand new to herbs. Buy your herbs in bulk and spend time this winter staying cozy with a large selection of books on herbal wisdom.

For the soap lover

We have a full compliment of soaps from Bend Soap Co. made with lovely goat’s milk. Developed with eczema and sensitive skin in mind. We also sell Dr. Squatch Soaps with few, clean ingredients and scents everyone can love.

For the one that desires organic skin care and hair care devoid of harmful chemicals

We carry the most popular items from Honey Girl Organics based in Hawaii with high end ingredients. Our All Good balms are great for soothing that dry winter skin and offer multiple non-nano mineral sunscreens while outdoors. One of our family favorites is Stream2Sea plant based Squalene oil that really helps build & protect your skin barrier.

We have a few types of shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients for gentle hair cleaning without the yucky harsh chemicals.

That one on the list looking for makeup that is as clean and toxin free as it gets

We have the ever popular Zuzu Lux. We carry a little of everything. Pencil Eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, mascara, pressed foundations, mosaic powders, blush, lipsticks and lipglosses. The tinted All Good sunscreen 30spf acts as a great, light foundation and their cheek/lip tints protect and add some color. A great 2-in-1.

For the person that loves their tinctures

We have a full compliment of singles and blends from Herb Pharm and Wish Garden. Some tinctures are alcohols free and use glycerin. For those little ones, we do have tinctures made specifically for children. We pride ourselves in carrying more variety of tinctures, especially with Wish Garden, which is crafted by midwives for women and children.

For that hardworking someone that preserves or ferments foods.

We carry the tools and the “How To” to make it happen. Our store is stocked with great kitchen tools for the people who love making food from scratch. Apple peeler and corer, cherry pitter, fermentation jars and mason jar converters, steamer baskets, rice rinsing bowls, mortar and pestles, silicon forms and utensils, cheese making bags, milk alternative bags, and much much more!

If you are new to fermenting and cooking, we have some fantastic and beautiful books to help guide you on your food & beverage goals.

For those that love having those tools of health

Check out our handcrafted neti pots and diffusers. We also a a full compliment of the most popular certified organic ESSENTIAL OILS and blends. These are ever so helpful to create a great smelling atmosphere, for colds/flus, and even stress.

For the one that loves to have a chemical free home and healthy options for laundry

We offer products to aid in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room along with some great books on maintaining a chemical free home. Our popular wool balls to add in the dryer in place of dryer sheets, soap nuts, essential oils, stain removers and more.

For those wanting to keep your phone safe and un-trackable.

We offer faraday bags and fanny packs. Everyone should have one. Place your phone or laptop in these special bags to get catch a break from EMF waves and to protect your privacy.

For the one that seems to always be under the weather

Come check out our options for Cold/Flu recovery. We have fever socks in different sizes for hydrotherapy, essential oil blends for at home steam treatments, neti pots, herbal cough syrup, immune support gummies/tinctures/syrups/herbs, herbal throat sprays, vitamin C & zinc supplements in different forms and much more. Bring some natural, supportive tools into the home for when family, friends, or even yourself, feel under the weather.

For the consummate salt lover

We offer premium salts and even a cute salt box to go with. Our epsom can be used for gardening and bath soaks to ease sore muscles and tension. We also offer culinary salts that can also be used in the bath. At this time we only offer coarse salt.

For that someone that understands the important of minerals and magnesium.

We have several options and carry some of the best mineral products out there. Trace mineral drops are a popular option and can be added to any drink. Powders, capsules and gummies are available as well. From ionic minerals to Shilajit.

For that mushroom lover

We carry both fruiting body and mycelium mushroom products. Check out our selections of fantastic mushroom books. We even have a mushroom puzzle. A bag of our Mushroom containing Roasted would be a nice compliment to any of the above.

For the expecting or new momma

We have some great gift ideas for both to aid in the before, during and after process. Lotions & potions. Balms, herbs, pregnancy tea, tinctures, safe skincare, books on children and wellness, and more. Perfect gift options for the health conscious mama. Family tested! Family Approved!